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YELP Review from Rosemarie S.
Laguna Woods, CA

I have been getting my eyelash extensions for 5 yrs. I have gone to a few different places. Sometimes I would suffer with burning from the glue. Once I visited Sassy Lashes, I have not been anywhere else because she does the best job I have ever seen. She doesn't rush and is a perfectionist. She is great to talk to as she works and has a great personality. Since your there for at least an hour it helps when you can talk to her and the time goes by fast. As soon as I am done, I am always impressed with the results.

YELP Review from Cara C.
Trabuco Canyon, CA

I have had Julie apply lashes 3 times and I have never written a review on yelp but I'm so pleased with my results that I wanted to give Sassy Lash 5 stars. Julie is very nice and VERY quick!  She can make your eyes BEAUTIFUL in about an hour.  The first set is $150 but fills are $60.  Well worth it for a special event or just to make yourself feel wonderful. Love this place!  I will be a customer for life : )

 YELP Review from Hailey J.
 Anaheim, CA

  I love Julie!!!  I would recommend her anytime. She is professional courteous and I will refer many people to her. I would tell anyone to come back over and over again!!!! Yes the price may be a little bit more than other places, but totally worth it! Just one thing though...Where is your website? I tried searching for you.
 YELP Review from Ramona D.
 Corona, CA
I went to Julie as I was disappointed every two weeks when I went to the girl that was doing my eyelashes. I cannot believe how wonderful Julie was. I can tell you my eyelashes were a mess and Julie took extra time to correct them and when I walked out of there I could not have been more pleased.  She is sweet women who really wants her clients to look and feel their best.  I am so glad I found her and I look forward to seeing    her every three weeks.  If you are looking for Eye Lash Extensions look no more, she is Truly The Best!!!!

 YELP Review from Edna Y.
Brea, CA
Julie is the pioneer of lashes extension and have been doing it almost a decade.  Many of us have been a client of her for years...now that is a significant thing for some of the new lashes fans.  Let me try to explain why this is so special: 1) lashes are a delicate thing and if you can continued to have maintenance for years - you need to have a super expert that NEVER risk the chance of you losing your own lashes.  Sadly many new comers may be able to do great lashes (the first few times) but they jeopardize your natural lashes and very soon...you are losing your own lashes and after a few months - your lashes are thinning and spotted...you will have to go to someone like Julie to repair and grow them back and handled it with real care.  Lashes are not about how full it they look the first day, if you are want to continue to have them - you have to find someone who use the best product and just glue a chunk of them on your tiny lash...the long term damages can be very bad. 2)  Again, many of her clients are pretty secretive about going to Julie...haha why? because for years, many of us probably never told friends that we have extensions ;) People never asked me where I have extensions - they always praised how lucky I am to have such full lashes and what product/mascaras I use to make them look so pretty...haha - Julie's work are so natural (she does them 1 by 1 - instead of a chunk clum that are bad and fake looking at times) ... 3) Julie certifies many lash extension people out there - she teaches classes on a weekly bases and she is very careful, precise and she would not let you out of her class unless you fully get them.  I know because at times I get my extensions from July at 5AM in the morning so she can dedicate the next 10 hours of her day to teach 2 students... kudos to her professionalism.  

All and all, I full endorse Julie's work and I will Not let anyone touch my lashes except Julie (or unless Julie is totally unavailable and she makes a recommendation to me for a one time fill with her top student.)  Julie give you a natural and very full perfect set and yet a healthy set of lashes and will not harm your natural lashes.  She is the best.

 YELP Review from Mary G.
 Irvine, CA

irst, I am sorry about your allergy reactions and what you had to go through. Unfortunately, your allergy is something that I have no control over. I have referenced some important information below about the causes for allergies from various reputable sources for your information so that you will be more educated about allergies.
Second, the fact that I would willing to take you at 7 PM after a long day starting at 6 AM with back to back clients is that I do care about my clients! I hope that you can understand the reason that I can't squeeze you in my schedule right away is because it is not really fair for others who had made their appointments prior to your request. Your immediate demand of attention is not feasible.
Third, you accused me of using double lashes which is totally untrue and it is against my teaching. You do recall that I combed through your lashes at the end of the procedure to make sure that they are straight and well detached. On some occasions a few double lashes are allowed to fill in the gap where you have missing lashes.  If the other technician applied the remover during the process of removing your lashes, it will sometimes bind the lashes together and appeared like lashes sticking together.
Fourth, to answer your question why I have such great reviews is the fact that I am still in business after eight years servings countless clients from coast to coast. This showed that I really doing something right? Of course, it is very hard to make 100 percent of all my clients happy but if I could please 99 percent of my clients, this would make me very happy. Lashes are different from person to person. Some are born with sparse lashes and some are born with luscious lashes. Lash technicians can only improve and enhance what you have. The fact that you gave me a huge big tip proved that you were totally happy with the work that I did for you. Perhaps that your allergy and your immediate demand of attention did not satisfied you had caused you to sabotage my business. Your review will not hold up to all smart clients who understand my ethical way of doing business. You are a nice client and that is how I will remember you.
Here is some helpful information for your reference:
According to medical research and you can also look it up in WIKIPEDIA. An allergy is a hypersensitivity disorder of the immune system. Allergic reactions occur when a person's immune system reacts to normally harmless substances in the environment.  A substance that causes a reaction is called an allergen, which are generally harmless and in most people do not cause a problem. Allergies are pretty common. Both genes and environment play a role.
But in a person with allergies, the immune response is oversensitive. When it recognizes an allergen, the immune system launches a response. Chemicals such as histamines are released. These chemicals cause allergy symptoms.
* The immune system falsely identifies allergens as an 'enemy' substance and pumps antibodies into the bloodstream to combat these 'invaders'.
* These antibodies bind to the allergen and stimulate specialized immune cells to produce substances that cause inflammation.
If someone have allergy to the glue, then they are not a good candidate for eyelash extension. If you go to me or any other technician, the chance that you get irritation is very high. Neither you nor I have any control over this matter. There are many people who are allergic to latex gloves. This doesn't mean that the latex glove manufacturer produces bad products. There are many people who are allergic to peanuts and shell fish. Does it mean that peanuts and shell fish are bad for everybody? I hope these examples will help you understand.
Anyway, thanks for giving me a chance to clarify and educate people who might encounter the same problem like you. Hope you feel better. Next time, before you decide to write a review, please make sure that you do a thorough research. Your angry review will not hold up to all smart clients who understand my ethical way of doing business. You are a nice client and that is how I will remember you always.
Take Care and God Bl
Flag this commentI have been getting eyelash extensions for about 9 to 10 months now. I had been to a couple of different places that had charged anywhere from $45 to $280 to get a full set. Boy was I a fool and I kept going to a place that charged crazy money and my eyelashes would look great for a day or two then they would look horrible. I would try to brush them so they would try to look straight and buy product that I thought would help, on top the price that I was charged to have them done. So I finely decided to check out a couple more places and see how they do eyelash extensions. The one site that showed what great eyelashes should look like and what you needed to do for the care of them and was straight from the heart honest was Sassy Lash by Julie.

On Julie's site she had shown what bad and terrible eyelashes look like and feel like. Julie had also explained that lashes could look great when there first done, but after a couple of days they start to get all crisscross and that happens due to the way they are done in the first place. I love, love love,love, love love,love, love love,love, love love, my lashes by SASSY LASH By JULIE. Believe me am not just saying it to say something.

I truly love and trust Julie doing my eyelashes, I know what heavy, itchy, eyelashes coming up or off from the root of the lash, get all crisscross,then still having to wear mascara 3 days after my lashes being done just to try to fix them and trying to keep them on for a couple more days, and last but surely not least was going in once a week or once every week and a half to get them filled and try to get them fixed ,but nothing was working.

So I just kinda gave up thinking that is just they way that these eyelash extensions work. But I came across Julie's web site SASSY LASH, showing and telling what the right way eyelash extensions should be done. First of all you can't even tell that I've had eyelash extensions done, even when am using my magnified mirror to put make up on it is so hard to tell that I have eyelash extensions done, there not heavy or itchy, they don't come up from the root, I have had them on for about 3 weeks and they still look great and Julie's prices are amazing and so affordable. Julie is one of the most kindhearted persons and puts you at ease so easily and helps you relax and feel pampered. Julie also has been trained by the best and has been doing eyelash extensions for along time now and has went back this year to get up to date on what the new trends are for eyelash extensions and that truly tells me that she knows what she is doing and saying. I high recommend that you try SASSY LASH BY JULIE for getting your next set of eyelash extensions or fills and I promise you, you will keep coming back.  Mary G.


YELP Review  from Irina L.

Irvine, CA


I came to get my Full set of Eye Lash Extension with Julie for the first time and OMG I LOVED my new set so much! Julie is a very wonderful woman. She is very personable and very pleasant to talk to. She is very experienced in Lash Extensions and takes her time to do a beautiful job. She doesn't rush and does very  thoroughly job. After an hour and a half when I looked in the mirror my eyelashes looked very natural-looking but full and at the same time so glamorous. I recommend Julie to everybody who wants to look beautiful without even noticing that they had an eyelash extensions done. And her prices are very reasonable as well. Thank you, Julie so much!


  YELP Review from Princess G.

 Burbank, CA

4/24/2012 Purchased a Yelp Deal

Julie is such a sweetheart and an easy person to talk to.  I found her website online and decided to try out her service w/ the yelp deal.  She makes you feel comfortable, she's very professional and her work is up to par. I loved my eyelash extensions.  The outcome looked natural yet full. I wear contact lens and the lashes lasted a little over 3 weeks. If I was closer to the area, I'd continue maintenance.  Try her out, you won't be disappointed!


 YELP Review from Nicole T.



Julie is wonderful!!! I've been to other places but they don't compare. She is very professional and made me feel totally at ease. You've tried the rest...now try the best!!!!!


YELP Review from Karen M.

 Irvine, CA

9/7/2012 Purchased a Yelp Deal

Julie did my first set of lash extensions today and I am very impressed! The difference is absolutely amazing. Julie takes the time to customize the lashes to your eye shape and the look you desire. She is a true artist in her field and takes pride in her work. She makes you feel comfortable and is fun to talk with during the process. You will love the results!



YELP Review from Mindy C.

Santa, CA

7/2/2012 Purchased a Yelp Deal

Had my lashes done and am amazed by the number of compliments I have received. Great work! And mine look so much better than others that I have seen. Excellent experience!


YELP Review from Angela M.

Tustin, CA


Don't waste your time going anywhere else! I tried three other "professionals" before I found Julie. My lashes are sparse, thin, short and almost invisible, even with cosmetics. Julie manages to consistently produce amazing, natural-looking, comfortable and long-lasting lashes every time! Say goodbye to eyeliner and mascara for good. The WOW factor of Julie's work is incomparable. I get compliments all the time, and people who've known me for years can't tell what is "different" about me... Thank you Julie, for sharing your talent with all the "eyelash challenged" people like me. Your pride in your work is obvious and your praises well-earned!


YELP Review from Joy M.

Coto De Caza, CA


My short and sparse lashes have always frustrated me until I heard about Sassy Lash in a magazine article. Soon after, I called and made an appointment with Julie. My first full set was so amazing, I could not contain my happiness! Despite being thick & lush, they were also light-as-a-feather. It really felt like they were my own. Since then, I became Julie's regular customer. I couldn't imagine myself NOT having her put those gorgeous lash extensions. And by the way, not all lash extensions are created equal. A friend of mine went to an expensive salon that charged her twice as much but the lashes she got looked like crap! I told her to see Julie and once she did, she was also hooked. Well, enough said. You gotta try her to see for yourself what I'm talking about.

                 YELP Review from Hessa A.
Anaheim, CA
Just got my eyelashes done recently and WOW! Julie is a very talented woman and she knows exactly what will suit your face. She is artistic when she puts them and her prices are a lot less than other places that are less qualified anyways. She charges 200 bucks for the permanent lashes and 60 for occasional maintenance (every month or so). To me it was a steal because other places charge 300-400 dollars for   work that isn't even as good.
she is very sweet and can keep up a good conversation while doing such intricate work! She gives you specific instructions for maintenance and you just have to get them done with Julie if you want natural looking eyelashes that give you bigger more beautiful eyes!

"Sassy Lash has been doing eyelash extensions for more than seven years and they know how to apply them correctly to make you look fabulous."

  Heather T. from Plum District (2011)

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