We strive to be the best training center for salon professionals who want to be the best in the lash industry.

Our instructor, have many years of experience. Her dedication and expertise have helped many of our students achieved their goals and became extremely successful in the lash extension industry.
Our training center provides students with a salon setting and great lighting for an authentic training environment. We provide comprehensive ongoing support for our alumni.

Julie Nguyen had trained many successful lash companies
around the world and United States such as Xtreme Lash, Natural Lash and Luscious Lash International since 2005.

We Offer the Finest Eyelash Extension Training Available

Our comprehensive private training program is taught by highly experienced Eyelash Extension specialists. Their work can be viewed in our Gallery pages. Pictures are worth a thousand words. Please don't just take our word for it, look through the Gallery and see for yourself why salon professionals have traveled thousand miles to be trained at our center.

Student Requirements
  • Students must have good close up eyesight and adequate vision aids. Bad or blurred vision will interfere with the proper placement of the lash.
  • Students are required to bring a model for hands-on practice.
  • This is an intense "Hands On”  training program, so we suggest no caffeine intake on the day of training.
What You Will Learn

This is an intense, private training course that will educate you on all the important aspects of Eyelash Extension. 

You will learn:  
  • The important techniques for longer lasting lash application
  • The proper techniques for handling tweezers with both hands
  • The pertinent information to educate your clients before and after the procedure
  • How to care for their eyelash extensions for longer lasting bonding
Class Agenda

Instructor Lectures and Presentations (1-2 Hours)

  • Preparing your client prior to procedure
  • Sanitation & Sterilization Tweezers handling development
  • Learn proper way to pick up lash quickly
  • Hands on a mannequin
  • Learn how to remove lashes w/ and w/o remover
  • Introduce to different eyelash designs
  • Learn how to pick the best lash size and thickness for different ethnic eyes

Hands on Model (3-4 Hours)

Conclusion (1/2 – 1 Hour)

  • How to educate and build clientele
  • Creating a comfortable environment for the procedure
  • Great tips for saving time

Book for a training session now. The future is in your hands!


For new comers to lash extension who want to learn the correct techniques to do lash extensions.


For experienced Lash technicians only!

New techniques and styles are introduced.

 For struggling lash technicians who are trained somewhere else and still have problems and wish to improve their skills.

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