Making beautiful lashes is far more easier for me than to fix bad and ruined lashes. Fixing a set of bad lashes is very time consuming and required lots of skills in order to save every single lashes for the client. If necessary, after removing the lashes I sometimes encouraged my clients to give their lashes a little rest before piling on more lashes which could further weaken the natural lashes. Being patience is the key to bringing back healthy lashes. 

Below are some pictures of how your lashes should not look like. The most important part of the Arts of Beauty is to be able to mimic God's work as closely as we could, which means that we have to make it look beautiful but still have to look very Natural. A beautiful set of lashes looks like every single lash is growing out from the root. Someone would need a magnifying glass to be able to tell that you have lash extension done.

As one can see that the lashes below are put together by very unskillful lash technicians. What do we see here? Glue clumps, clump lashes, single lashes stacked on each other, criss- cross lashes everywhere, sparse lashes, matted lashes with glue poured on, wrong sized lashes, lashes are too long that looked like spider legs etc.

If you would like to learn more about different types of lash extensions, please scroll over to Lash 101 page.


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